Pyntor - Python presentation program

Pyntor is a small, fast tool to display hand-made slides. It was created in a similar fashion like Pyromaniac, except it started to use wiki-style text markup instead of HTML pages. It is even possible to mix both programs, since Pyromaniac is included as a Pyntor component :)

The current feature list includes:
  • Pyntor is small! Full desktop integration is possible, but pyntor runs without any data, too.
  • Components: background colour/wallpaper, slides, TPP and POD integration, blend effects, video, HTML rendering, fortune cookie display, ...
  • Gadgets: page selection, full-text search, overlay clock
  • Functionality: component verification, export to HTML+PNG or PDF, presentation archives
Find more components in the Pyntor component repository!

Several tools are included to control the installed components and fetch new ones from the repository (pyntor-components), and to create *.pyntor presentation archives and even self-extracting archives (pyntor-selfrun).