About Pyntor

The project was started following a university python course project which was successfully completed, and wanted to live on instead of going into oblivion. You can find the original project on my old university pages.

It was named Pyro for several months, and the Pyromaniac web browser was the only usable part of it. Due to two other python projects already carrying the name Pyro, the new slide show program Pyntor gave the whole project its name. The old source can still be retrieved here: Pyro 0.1

The creation of Pyntor led to a componentized design, so that one presentation could be made up of several different input sources. From version 0.5 on, this concept has been radically enhanced to enable static file export, clear distinction between render and interactivity mode, self-extracting presentations and centrally available gadgets such as a clock and full-text search.